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King & Queen Bed Skirts & Bed Valances Online in Australia.

Our Bed Skirt and Detachable Bed Valance Products

Discovering a breakthrough in changing bed valances, Jabeau Bed Linen offers a fitted base cover, with a detachable bed skirt. The magic happens when all that needs to be done is to either simply attach or peel off the skirts as and when required. Not only is this efficient, there is no need to lift the mattress. It also doesn’t compromise on style.


Jabeau Bed Linen manufactures a variety of bed valance styles and a range of colours, all of which are easily customised to suit your taste and theme of the bedroom. One doesn’t need to fret further with this innovative product as both king and queen bed valance are available and they are all manufactured in Australia, to standard Australian sizes (30cm).


To give you even more bang for your buck, the bed base cover only needs to be purchased once. Modifying the style and colour of the bed skirts is now a breeze, granting you flexibility in changing bed valances.


Combining form and function, Jabeau Bed Linen’s detachable valances and bed skirts are certainly the ideal products that save you the time and physical labour. Whatever your taste may be, these nifty creations are sure to meet your needs at a pocket friendly budget price.


Also great for the Hospitality Industry.

An exposed bed base can be an eye-sore, especially one with space that may be used for storage purposes. Yet, lifting the heavy mattress just to lay a bed valance in order to cover the base is certainly not a walk in the park. Imagine having to lay a king bed valance! Not to mention, changing these bed skirts regularly can be an utter nightmare for those in the hospitality industry, where a new and clean bed valance is required constantly.


Be it for a hotel, resort, or anyone in the accommodation sector, the ingenious solution to this laborious chore is a simple one – detachable bed valance.




Bed Valance and Bed Skirts for Hospitality Industry Online in Australia






Bed Valance - Quilted
Bed Valance - Box Pleat